OBAC -  An educational system that is built around an open standard. OBAC permits student to get the correct level from start without the hassle of taking one or more classes to prove their skills. We have 1 day, 2days, 2,5days etc. During this time we focus on each individual strength and focus on how to improve. If a student feels comfortable to dive to 3,8 or 50 meter then the student may do so, if not STOP and TURN.

By open standard is meant that if you have skills that puts you into  Gamma Grade, STA 4,30, DYN 75m, CWT30 and have done this in an official competition or during record performance, you may enter the OBAC system at your correct level.

OBAC is teaching their instructors the same way the Nordic treas grow. Slow but with one mindset -to be best in class. Instructors gets trained  & uppgraded after number of years and fairly large amount of theory, we dont let them fly before we all agree they are ready.

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