The first OBAC Instructor certified, Peter Ols...

OBAC stands for Quality and Security. If you attend a course at a centra/club with an instructor that has the right to certify according to OBAC you can be sure that your money is well spent.

It is with great pleasure we annouce the first official OBAC Instructor in Sweden, Peter Ols. A great diver and a person known for his good knowledge in theory and many tips and tricks. He is a active member in the Apnea community. Peter has also many good results from competitions. (check out his results under Apneister.)


Peter is awarded the title:
OBAC Gamma Silver Instructor
Gamma is the GRADE of the instructor.
Silver reflects number of years he has been active and number of students so far.


Instructor Level Nr of active years nr of students
Instruktör - Brons 0 0
Instruktör - Silver 2 20
Instruktör -  Guld 5 40
Instruktör - Platina 10 100

Peter will also be graded as a diver according to OBAC.
GRADE by OBAC: OBAC Delta Competitor

Nordic Apnea is were Peter is hosted. The centra will be awarded Grade:
OBAC Epsilon Centra
(Possibility to in a secure way teach and uppgrade students to 70meters)

Welcome and good luck