GRADE Requires Level CWT STA DYN
Alpha -->> 1 3,8 1 20
Beta -->> 2 10 2,15 40
Beta+ -->> 3 20 4,00 60
Gamma -->> 4 30 4,30 75
Gamma+ -->> 5 40 5 100
Delta -->> 6 50 5,30 115
Delta+ -->> 7 60 6 130
Epsilon -->> 8 70 6,3 140
Epsilon+ -->> 9 80 7 150
Omega -->> 10 90 7,3 160
Omega Pro -->> + 100 8 170
The LEVELS and GRADES presented are based on statistics from official competitions. The average diver within the organisation AIDA is
CWT: 41meter, STA 4.39 & DYN 89 meter.

CWT:To swim down and up with or without fins
STA: Breath holding below water surface.
DYN: Swim distance below surface in pool, at least 25 meter.

To give an Exempel how GRADES are set:
A diver must to be OBAC certified have Level in all 3 categories. The lowest Level of the 3 sets the GRADE the diver will get.

A diver with:
Level II - Deep CWT
Level II - Time STA
Level II - Distance DYN
-->> GRADE beta

A diver with:
Level III - Deep CWT
Level III - Time STA
Level II  - Distance DYN
-->> GRADE beta

A diver with:
Level III - Time STA
Level III - Distance DYN
-->> GRADE beta+  

A diver that has only took a course in STA and DYN will only achieve the Level for just STA, DYN. To get a complete GRADE you need to get Levels in all 3 diciplines. The diver with only two Levels will be given the GRADE One Breath Apnea Diver. This is only temporary until the diver have upgraded the third Level.

How do you get OBAC Certified, 4 ways.

1) You attend a course at One Breath or any other centra that has certified OBAC Instructor.

2) You have true competition or Record attempt results in CWT, STA, DYN that would give the GRADE Gamm CWT:30, STA: 4,30, DYN:75. The results must be made within the frames of any aknowledged Apnea organisation. The cost to get the certificat is 110 EUR for printing & handling + shipment.

3) You show that you have the skills to perfome equal or better then GRADE Gamma. This can only be done to a certifed OBAC Instructor. This is follow by a theory test.

4) You may be an old student at One Breath and would like to be OBAC certified. This is valid no matter performance done during the course. An administrativ cost first time enter is 5 EUR.


How do you upgrade ?

1) You dont need to take additional courses to reach a new Level or GRADE. You may do your upgrade at

  • -at One Breath,
  • -on a competition ,
  • -at record attempt or
  • -at any OBAC affiliated diving centra or APNEA Club.

Before intended performance you inform One Breath of your upcomming upgrade trial. After valid performance the new result will be published on the page. If the valid performance leeds to a higher GRADE a new certificate will be issued. It is possible to climb as many LEVEL as possible at a trial.