Would you like to be able to uppgrade OBAC Certified divers at your local apnea club or Apnea Centra.

You could be so called affiliated to OBAC. It give you the right to uppgrade a diver already holding on to a OBAC Cert. In this case you need to train one person becomming a OBAC Umpire.

If you have a Apnea Centra perhaps its more interesting becomming an instructor and to certify according to OBAC.

Get in touch for more details.

Below is a list of affiliated Clubs and Apnea Centras

Affiliated Apnea Clubs Contact Homepages/Logo
Örebro Apnea, Sweden Roger Rosenvinge

Affiliated Centra Kontaktperson Hemsida/logo
Nordic Apnea, Sweden Peter Ols
OBAC Gamma Silver Instructor


OBAC Epsilon Centra