One Breath har etablerat ett samarbete med norska Frivannsliv. De har hållit på under flertalet år med harpunering då det är tillåtet i Norge. Är ni intresserade av färd till vårt grannland så hör av er.

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You will stay at a small and beautiful island named Lygra, the island has an exiting history and lays in a deep fjord with special marine life. There is a wide horizons and often beautiful sunsets.

You will be accommodated in a guesthouse at a farm on the island. The guesthouse is a newly restored/relocated ”policeman house” from 1770.

New and old styles from the city and countryside are combined together, creating a good atmosphere.

The house has beds for 12 persons spread on 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, large kitchen and several cozy living rooms with wood fireplaces. Be aware: there is not TV on the rooms and only Norwegian channels is availableJ The house is located inside the blue circle, and inside the yellow lays the locale cultural center/museum where we will arrange activities and consume some fabulous meals!

There will be 3 meals a day; the meals will be server at the guesthouse, under the open sky or at the center. You are also welcomed to join when preparing food, or create any additional meals.

Allot of the food we serve is produced, certified organic, on the farm, where there is also animals. We will often prepare meals with fresh fish and shells from our catches.



We will visit and spearfish in some of Norway’s best currents!

The current can some places reach incredible 6 knots.

Most of the pictures of catch are taken on diving locations we will visit during your stay.

When you pay deposit we will send you a DVD with hunting sequences from 2003/2004.

We will hunt for both pelagic- and bottom fish, we will also pick shells we find.

The water will hopefully be clear at that time, but be prepared to experience visibility ranging from 3-20+ depending on current, rain and natures will. The trip is laid in the second top season for spear fishing (its also good in the spring). Water temperatures will range from 8-10 degrees Celsius.

Please see http://www.spearfishing.no for a good introduction to diving and hunting in Norwegian waters.

The main diving spot which is one of our personal favorites is only 15 minutes away with boat. We will use both boats and car to reach different spots. All transport is covered; we will also pick you up at the airport and drive the approximately 1 hour and 30 min. trip to the guesthouse/farm where we should stay.

Bring you own equipment or rent hi quality diving/hunting equipment for an additional ?? euro. We supply leadbelts for all participants.

It will be possible with as much diving as wanted inside reasonable limits J

We will do our best to give you a pleasant and fantastic trip to Norway!

Besides spear fishing you will have an unforgettable 5 days in a cultural rich area with a history back to 5000BC, good food, interesting divers/people, relaxation, using our glass boat looking at bottom life.

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